Winbuzz Signup

Joining Winbuzz is Quick and Easy process.

  1. Open your mobile browser and go to or launch the Winbuzz App.
  2. Look for the Winbuzz Sign Up tab located at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your mobile number to kickstart the registration process.
  4. Create a Strong Password: Set a robust password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters for enhanced security. Click on the “Get OTP” button below the password tab.
  5. You’ll receive a One-Time Password on the mobile number you provided.
    Input the OTP received to verify your mobile number and finalize the registration process.
  6. Your unique Winbuzz ID is now generated, and you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of cricket betting.
  7. Remember, the password you set for your Winbuzz account is confidential. Do not share it with anyone to ensure the security of your account.
winbuzz sign up

If you prefer not to create an account yourself, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp. Our dedicated support team will be happy to assist and create a cricket betting ID for you.